Pet Diet & Nutrition
With Preventive Veterinary Care

Dog Eating

Pets have special needs that may require a nutrition plan tailored specifically for them. At Town & Country Animal Hospital, we will work with you to establish a nutrition plan that is best suited for your pet based on his or her:

Common Questions Regarding Pet Nutrition

As pet owners ourselves, we understand that you want to provide your pet with the absolute best, and you may have questions when it comes to what is right for him or her. We will help answer any questions that you may have regarding your pet’s diet, including the ones listed below:

More Than Just Food

As part of our nutritional counseling, we also provide advice regarding:

We Carry Prescription and Non-Prescription Diets

We carry Hills brands of Science Diet, Healthy Advantage, and Prescription Diet, both in house and online via VetSource.

For more information on our nutritional counseling services, or to schedule your pet’s visit, please contact us today.